Wireless - the most exciting technology for mobile computer users - 'TheGoButton' empowers Wireless by giving you Free Wireless Almost Anywhere! Just click TheGoButton and connect to Wifi!

Wifi Finder

June 18, 2008 – TheGoButton  Launched Officially!  (over 43,100 downloads so far!!!)

To use TheGoButton – this is the beautiful part – you don’t need to do a thing! Once you have correctly installed The Go Button, you simply activate it. The rest of the work is done for you! As long as The Go Button is active, it will automatically find available wireless networks and connect for you. Sweet!

When would you use The Go Button? Say you’re a businessman in a colleague’s office. Or you’re a in a local coffee shop. There are lots of networks in range, you just need to connect and get online for 15 minutes! Why pay for access on a T-Mobile or AT&T hotspot? Just click The Go Button and -like that!- you’re connected.

Register (per computer) by clicking the ’Register Free!’ button.

Think your Go Button isn’t active? Check out the little M&M-shaped button in the taskbar:

If there is an open network in connecting distance from your machine, that button will be green for GO!

If you choose to disconnect, simply click “Disconnect”.

To disable The Go Button, right click on the taskbar and click “Exit”.

You may also choose to manually connect to a network. Simply double-click that network. This works for secure networks as well as non-secure networks.

REMINDER: When you use an open wireless network you need to know that your surfing may not be secure. Anything you do can be monitored by someone nearby. Simple discretion is good policy. If you engage in web-based stock trading or banking for example, make sure you are connected with a secure connection. Examples of this are a URL that begins with https:// instead of http://, indicated by a small padlock on the bottom bar of the browser.


About TheGoButton

We set out to solve a not-so-simple problem, with a really simple solution. TheGoButton simply gets you connected to WIFI!.

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